Monday, 8 April 2013

Tips for choosing your perfect limo to hire

Before you choose a limo hire company, it’s important to take the time to consider the type of limo you want. Limos come in all shapes and sizes – and different companies will offer different limos that appeal to different people.

That’s why Limo-Scene’s Manchester limo hire experts have compiled this easy to follow list to help you choose the perfect limo.

Ask yourself the following questions and you should easily be able to narrow down your list of potentials and figure out the limo that’s right for you.

What occasion do you need to hire your limo for?
Why is this so important? It will determine how much space you need and the vehicle and services you get.
That’s why you need to ensure the limo is not only everything you want, but is the style you prefer as well.
Make a list of everything you want the limo for the occasion. How long will the trip be? How much do you want to pay? Consider these and you will be able to narrow down your search much more easily.

How many people are you transporting?
This factor is pivotal when you choosing the limo you want to hire. If you have 18 people, for example, you will need a particularly big limo.
And, if your party is small, you’ll want to get a limo that accommodates a much smaller number – because, otherwise, it’s a waste of good limo space.

What kind of limo atmosphere are you looking for?
What vibe are you looking for inside the limo you wish to hire? Do you want to party it up or opt for a sophisticated ride. What am I getting at? Simply that some limos will create a different type of journey.
The H2 Hummer Stretch Limousine, for example, it has a party lounge with lighting to suit, while like Chrysler Stretch Limo, are much more elegant and professional.

What is your budget?
While many people don’t confine themselves to a particular budget, for some, this will determine which limo you can actually afford. Keep in mind your spending limit before leaping into a choice.
What do prices depend on? Well, most companies charge based on miles travelled, meaning the more fuel the limo’s engine uses, the more it will cost.

A final word of caution
Before you pick a specific limo hire company, make sure the cars they operate are safe and legal. Many companies neglect to get the proper paperwork for their vehicles and could be spot checked by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) at any time.
Large vehicles, seating more than eight passengers, require a certificate of Initial Fitness (COIF) to register it. There are more companies operating illegally than you think. It’s therefore well worth your while to check.

Be safe, be legal and have a great time in the luxury limo you hire.