Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Deluxe Package set up - leaner, meaner and now available in multiple rooms!

Due to some recent equipment changes and upgrades I can now offer the Deluxe Package  - live singing during your wedding breakfast and singer / DJ in the evening - where your wedding breakfast and evening reception are in different rooms.

Having always been a popular request, logistically moving equipment from one room to another quickly enough for the commencement of your evening party was tricky. However, with some recent equipment upgrades, a second evening set up can be installed elsewhere in your venue during your wedding breakfast ready for your evening reception to begin almost instantaneously!

The new wedding breakfast set up also has a much smaller footprint - just 0.5m x 0.5m for mixing desk and processors and two speakers, just 0.45m x 0.35m each. You can enjoy some excellent live music whilst you eat in the smallest of rooms.

I can also now offer, depending on your location, live singing during your reception drinks as an option in the Deluxe Package.

If you are currently booked in for the Standard Package you can add either of these options (live singing during your wedding breakfast OR reception drinks) for just an extra £200.

Contact me for more details.