Monday, 18 February 2013

Perfect Wedding Magazine Article

Last summer I was asked to contribute to an article about wedding themes to the UK's most popular wedding magazine - Perfect Wedding Magazine.

My topic was my main areas of expertise, how to add a theme to your evening and particularly - dance floor filling!

Step-by-step - Disco Fever.

James Barlow shares three steps to the perfect dancefloor!

1. Ask your band or DJ to play a few themed songs at the beginning of your night to set the atmostphere. Have a musical-themed hour and pick a genre like swing or you could even have a retro Eighties half-hour.

2. Tie your first dance in with your theme - or see if your DJ can prepare a special mix or 'mash up' pf special themed songs.

3. Jazz up your evening reception by hriing a LED dance floor. have one with flashing multi-coloured panels for a Seventies theme

I'm hoping to contribute to more publications in 2013 - watch this space!