Tuesday, 17 July 2012

New Kit - Stretch 'Skrim' Stand Covers

I'm continually updating equipment, I think it's really important to keep re-investing and imporoving my set-up. I spent almost £7000 in 2011 completely re-vamping my speaker system, opting for a HK Audio Elements, line array set up.

I seldom mention my equipment upgrades, mainly out of fear of boring everyone to death! However I thought I'd write a quick blog post about something new I received a couple of weeks ago. They are a pair of white lighting stand skrims. These are bascially covers for the legs of my lighting stands that stretch from the legs of the stand all the way to the top where lights are fixed.

It may sound like something not worth sharing but there are several nice little elements to the skrims. Firstly they are particularly good for concealing wires, plugs etc, not something you want to see on your wedding day, particulraly during your wedding breakfast! Secondly, and the exciting bit - by placing LED uplighters within the stand skrims, and connecting them to my other lights via DMX connection, the lighting stands can glow / phase / flash in union and can be prgrammed to any colour to match your wedding theme.

The skrims have proved particularly successful so far with one of my grooms from last weekend telling me I'd done a "fantastic job" before I'd even sang a note!

I have included a few pictures below so you can see the effect:

 Single light stand (for small set up)

 Small room set-up (at Holme Pierrepont Hall)

 Larger set up, dance floor view in pink (at Mottram Hall)

Set up from a distance at Mottram Hall

The skrims are now included at no additional cost with all my packages.

James Barlow - The Wedding Singer