Friday, 24 June 2011


I wanted to re-iterate a few points highlighted in the info sheet you received with your booking pack, mainly to make sure your venue are aware of what we are coming in to do on the day so that everything runs as smoothly as possible. Apologies if you are already aware of these points, or if some of them sound obvious, but I've had a few problems at venues over the past few months, so I just wanted to clarify everything with you all.

Deluxe Package

If you have booked the Deluxe Package (all day wedding singer & DJ) it is important that your venue are aware that we will be setting equipment up before you sit down to eat, and that I am singing during your wedding breakfast. The space required for set-up during your meal for this package is a minimum of 2metres x 2metres. This space must be in the same room and same area of your room as the evening set-up. I often move around the room whilst I am singing but I largely perform from where my set-up is situated and I need access to my controls to change tracks, sound levels etc whilst I am singing. Therefore it is essential that I am in the same room as you and all of your guests! I know this may sound a bit obvious but think about this particularly if your room is going to be sectioned off during the day or you are dining on a mezzanine floor.

Also regarding set-up location, the set-up can be dragged a few metres or so after you have finished eating to prepare for the evening reception, but there is generally not enough time to set-up at one end of your room, dismantle after the wedding breakfast, relocate and set-up again at the other end.

If you have also booked the bubble machine as part of your package please note that some venues do not allow the use of bubble machines so it important that you get their permission. The bubble fluid used is a special (and very expensive!) 'non-wetting' formula to prevent the bubbles causing a slippery dance floor (mostly what venues are concerned about), so it might be worth mentioning this your venue if you have your heart set on bubbles and they need some persuading!

Master Of Ceremonies

Included in the Deluxe Package you have the option of me acting as your Master Of Ceremonies, annoucing you into your wedding breakfast room, introducing your speeches and any other annoucements you require during the day. Again, if you want to benefit from this part of the package, it is important that your venue know what we are coming in to do on the day.

If you have any questions or issues with any of the above or want to alter your package, feel free to give me a call. Also, if your venue have any questions about set-up, space, bubbles etc they are also very welcome to contact me, or I can contact them directly if you prefer.