Tuesday, 13 October 2009


I am constantly improving and updating my equipment and have, this week, bought some new lighting to add to The Wedding Singer set-up.

My light show is split into two distinctive sections: My 'stage' lighting - to light myself up during my singing performances so guests can see what I'm up to(!) and my 'effects' lighting - lighting for the dance floor that paints patterns / shapes all around the room to encourage people up on the dance floor.

The new lighting has replaced my old stage-type lighting which has replaced my old par 56 lighting cans with a new Equinox LED System. The old style lighting was heavier, larger and used a great deal more power. The new system also gives off no heat - it wasn't uncommon for my stage area to hit 30 degrees! So, you can expect considerably less perspiration from your wedding singer from now on!

Being powered by LEDs also means that the new system is a lot more flexible in the colours and chase patterns that are available. The LEDs can also seamlessly fade from one colour into another giving some excellent atmospheric lighting before the dancing begins at the start of the evening and during some of the slower songs towards the end.

Here is a video of just one set of the lights in action. I have two sets as a part of my set-up. This is a video made by the manufacturer, not myself, so excuse the shocking choice of music!!

If you have any questions about The Wedding Singer lighting system or any other aspect of my set-up, feel free to get in touch!