Friday, 23 October 2009


The bride and groom's first dance is often met with much fear and dread. I am commonly told, moments before the happy couple take to the dance floor, that they feel that this is most nerve-racking part of the whole day!

Whether you are unsure of your dancing skills, of what kind of movements to make on the dance floor, or just hate the idea of getting up in front of your nearest and dearest - one way of alleviating your fears is by spending some time choreographing a first dance. Not only will the preparation help you achieve a level of comfort with your dance but a dance teacher will be able to suggest some simple, yet effective moves suitable even for the most incapable of movers!

A common trend of late is to learn something a little more elaborate. Often dramatic, often funny, the popularity of more and more extravagant dance routines appearing on YouTube, many gaining millions of hits, has only served to make learning something a little different for your first dance ever more popular. Also, to add an element of surprise, I am increasingly being given mixes of several songs fused together, often starting with a more traditional, slow track, then surging seamlessly into something much more upbeat, giving the bride and groom opportunity to break-dance, body pop, corkscrew, knee drop etc etc!

There are many companies that have appeared in the last few years offering first dance lessons. Two of the bigger, nationwide companies are: First Dance UK & Dances4U offering one to one tuition for as many or as fewer hours as you need to perfect your moves!

If you are stuck for first dance ideas, I have lots of suggestions - from traditional, popular choices to more upbeat, unusual suggestions to give your guests something a bit more of the unexpected. Feel free to get in touch or take a look at my Top Ten First Dance Songs article.

So, to finish off - I'd like to show you one of my favourite ever choreographed first dance videos. This is actually my friends Jon & Hannah who got married in April. This was a complete surprise to all the guests on the day and, as you can see they have chosen a lively, upbeat track - Queen's Don't Stop Me Now, and very much gone for a comical, light-hearted feel! They actually had no professional lessons in preparation for this, just a few run throughs in their front room - which I think, makes it all the more impressive. Watch out for the knee slide (he lost the deposit on his wedding trousers!)


Written by James Barlow - The Wedding Singer