Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Choosing Your Wedding Music

by James Barlow - Wedding Singer

Your big day is fast approaching, one of the jobs on your 'to do' list is to send your wedding DJ your list of song requests for the big day.

A question often asked by brides and grooms to be is; what exactly do you want from us in terms of music choices?

It is important to initially choose the right wedding DJ and have confidence in their ability to get everyone up on the dance floor. I occasionally hear horror stories from fellow DJs of couples sending through very rigid play lists of many songs that must be played and often in a very specific order. Unless you are an experienced DJ yourself, on the whole, this approach isn't very successful. Yes, you may get to hear all your favourite music, but the chances of the songs you have chosen keeping the dance floor busy all night are slim.

Presumably, you want an evening filled with great music to get everyone up dancing - a bit of something for guests of all ages? But, also you want some on your favourite tracks as well; songs special to you as a couple. Maybe a song that was playing when your eyes first met across a smokey dance floor. Songs you remember fondly from school discos or your university or college years or maybe, songs that were particularly enjoyed during your stag / hen celebrations. I always say, send me as many or as few requests as you want. Either a big list from which I can pick and choose or a smaller list of songs your would definitely like played at some point during the evening. Any experienced DJ will be able to keep the dance floor busy with a combination of your requests and their own selection of music.

Another option that is becoming popular is to slip a note in with your wedding invitations asking your guests to send a couple of song requests back with their RSVPs. You can then compile a request list (after having removed any songs you despise!) to send through to your DJ from which they can pick and choose and, alongside the tracks they know will get everyone up to dance, they can play plenty of your guests' favourites.

Your DJ will do their job of selecting the right track at the right time to get people up dancing and keeping those who are already dancing exactly where they are.

So, as your wedding DJ, I welcome as much or as little input from the bride and groom as they wish. If they have no particular preferences, I am happy to judge the mood and tastes of the guests on the night and create a play list using my choices and requests taken on the day. Or, if the bride and groom have specific ideas for the evening's music, I am happy to mix in some of theirs / their guests' favourite tracks with my own selections to create a successful evening.

Keep checking back on the wedding blog for more wedding song list ideas.