Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Choosing the Right Wedding Venue

There is so much to plan for when you make that all important decision to get married. There is the wedding dress to start with, invitations to be sent out and prior to that who to invite! The time of year you plan your wedding will have to be given a lot of thought and who will be best man and chief bridesmaid from your many friends? Before any of the decisions can be finalised there is the venue of the ceremony and the reception to consider. Will they be in different places or the same location and how far in advance will you need to book to ensure you get the perfect place?

The wedding venue is the thing you should seek to book first, all your other arrangements can then slot in around this.

As for the type of venue you decide upon, all sorts of places are licenced to perform wedding ceremonies these days. There are the conventional amongst you who go with the traditional church wedding; the adventurous plan their ceremony on an exotic beach, honeymoon included; and then there are the unconventional who like to take a risk and get wed whilst diving, skydiving, in a hot air balloon, in a museum or aboard the HMS Belfast.

You have to consider how many guests you are intending to invite when deciding upon your venue, as it would need to be large enough venue to accomodate all your friends and family. Another factor to consider is whether to choose a single or multi-room venue. The more traditional single-room approach allows you ceremony, wedding breakfast and evening reception all to be in the same room which would also encompass your bar for drinks, evening buffet and your DJ, band or wedding singer. The multi-room approach would allow you to marry in one room, eat in a second and maybe even have your evening reception in a third. There are advantages and disadvantages of both approaches. a subject I will discuss in a future article.

You will find it possible to hire all kinds of historical and beautiful venues for your wedding. Everything from the usual hotel function room, to town halls and clubhouses to parks and dramatic historical castles. What you book will depend on your budget as well as your preference and the type of atmosphere you want to create.

A wedding day is for many people one of the most memorable moments of in life and obviously you would want everything to run smoothly and be perfect. Every little detail has to be taken into account to guarantee there are no problems that might occur. If you are inviting lots of family and friends then you don’t want the location too far from your home town. Check out the accommodation nearby for the convenience of those who are travelling from further afield, and parking facilities for the guests. It is always a good idea to provide a list of suitable, local accomodation in with your wedding invites.

Entertainment for the reception should be geared towards what you like but also what your guests will appreciate. Often, a DJ is an expert at getting everyone up onto the dance floor with a choice of music to suit all ages. Live music is often appreciated, especially if they have old favourites and classics on their song-list. Many of the guests will probably want to dance so make sure the venue offers a dance floor.

The most important thing when booking your venue, as with all your wedding arrangements, is to plan as far ahead as possible and do your research before you pay your deposit. Once your venue is booked keep in regular contact with your wedding co-ordinator and make sure that the staff that will be looking after you on the day know your exact requirements.

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